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Industry Week Webinar: Leaders’ Behaviors Using a Lean and Continuous Improvement Approach

Eric Lussier, Principal at NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC (NLP) hosted a webinar on May 18th to show how leaders’ behaviors and thinking improve customer service …

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Find Your Next Great Hire

Find Your Next Great Hire

Do you have the time it takes to make a great hire? Many hiring managers are doing double-duty in covering open positions while searching for …

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Sales Enablement for Growth

Did you know that a B2B sales professional on average only spends about 30% of his or her time on selling activities? What if you …

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X Matrix

Strategic Planning Season!

It’s strategic planning season! Many firms begin Q4 with their strategic planning well underway. But what is your level of confidence that these strategic plans …

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Is your visual management outdated? Image of a street intersection with a stop sign and stop light

Is Your Visual Management Outdated?

During one of my recent drives in Tennessee, I came across this interesting intersection and captured it for posterity. What would YOU do at this …

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Commercial Excellence Processes

What Is Commercial Excellence?

At NEXT LEVEL Partners, commercial excellence means building and following ten strong processes for creating and communicating your value proposition to customers. Most companies find …

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Buccees Gemba

Branding by Buc-ee’s

Growing up, my Dad seemed to always stop at Cracker Barrel restaurants during our road trips. Some of that rationale was the clean bathrooms, good food, and …

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Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity stacking wooden blocks with adult fingers stacking them.

We Are Living in a VUCA World

No doubt, we are living in a VUCA world. Markets are volatile. Labor availability is uncertain. Supply chains are uncertain at best. And ambiguity abounds. …

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Interim Managent Solutions. Workers wearing hard hats and face masks listening to male with table talking

We Can Help With Interim Management Solutions

Operations leaders affected by resignations and labor shortages must fill unexpected gaps on their teams while dealing with elevated demand and supply chain shortages. Finding …

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Continuous Improvement = lean transformation logo

Continuous Improvement = Lean Transformation

First impressions are important. Associates who are introduced to Lean concepts for the very first time often have some misconceptions of what Lean is all …

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Lean Lessons from the Farm. Carton of eggs that are all diferent colors

Lean Lessons from the Farm

Living on my self-described “Gentleman’s Farm,” we have an abundance of eggs as well as quite the variety. While there is a lot to be …

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Lean Builds Employee Engagement logo

Is Improving Employee Engagement on Your Company’s 2022 Resolutions?

Is improving employee engagement on your company’s 2022 resolutions? Many associates are returning from holiday breaks with positive outlooks for the year ahead. Maintaining these …

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