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We help retailers streamline their fulfillment processes to improve the customer experience.

Retail is an essential part of the backbone of the American economy and has undergone huge changes in recent years.  From new merchandising strategies and back room inventory, to product development and vendor management, Lean improves efficiencies and the customer experience.

Retail is an industry dependent on a high volume of transactional operations, so the need for streamlined processes is crucial to your company’s success. With our decades of experience, you can benefit from significant increases in productivity and profitability.

Our engagement begins on Day 1 by examining every operational process and creating value stream workflows to gather hard data on staff productivity and procedure efficiency. We accumulate this data by looking at three aspects of retail: store, web, and catalog support, distribution and logistics, and store operations. After breaking down the efficacy of business processes, we can find areas with excess Lean waste and develop new streamlined procedures geared towards increasing customer satisfaction and profit margins. 

Our process involves acknowledging your organization’s pain points and laying the foundation for a plan geared towards maximizing customer value while minimizing Lean waste.

When it comes to your staff, every process we implement boils down to ensuring their morale remains high and their relationships with management inspire the highest levels of efficiency and problem-solving. We take into consideration their past experiences and how they have operated in the past and configure new processes that allow them to increase your organization’s output on a consistent basis. 

Late in our process, we conduct several Kaizen events to assist in the creation of a playbook geared towards continuous improvement in the future. Ultimately, our practitioners will have deployed Lean principles that revamps your organizational operations and improve company culture for both short and long-term success.


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$3.2B Fortune 500 Retailer With Over 1K Stores Needed to Improve Profitability Through Lean Transformation.

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Karla Grazier

“We appreciate the valuable guidance and teaching provided by NLP. The results of the Mission Services project ...
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Tony Crudele

“The quality of service and the integrity that NLP has demonstrated has exceeded our expectations. We started ...
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Randy Scalise

In addition to helping us meet, and often exceed, our objectives, NLP created a repeatable, methodical approach ...
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