New Pricing TPI Tool Unlocks Hidden Profit Potential through Streamlined Pricing Practices

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NAPLES, FL (February 20, 2024) – NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC (NLP), a leading business transformation consultancy, announces the launch of a Pricing Transactional Process Improvement (TPI) Tool. This powerful solution tackles a prevalent challenge in today’s market: companies’ benign neglect of their pricing processes, even though pricing processes are often fraught with errors, rework, complexity, and hand-offs.

The Gap: In 2022 and 2023, many businesses relied solely on passing through supplier cost increases, neglecting strategic pricing strategies. This reactive approach erodes profit margins and hampers revenue growth.

Transformational Solution: The Pricing TPI Tool, developed by NLP, empowers businesses to regain control and optimize their pricing processes. Delivered in a 5-day, intensive Kaizen format, the tool leverages the expertise of seasoned Lean Practitioners to:

  • Simplify workflows: Reduce touchpoints and handoffs, streamlining your order-to-cash cycle.
  • Boost discipline: Implement clear guidelines for strategic discounting, preventing unnecessary margin leakage.
  • Unlock hidden profits: Identify optimization opportunities throughout your pricing model.

Darlene Kober, NLP Principal and Growth Practice leader, explains: “Passing through costs isn’t enough. If passing-through supplier price increases was your only pricing activity last year, your pricing processes need more attention. Profit margins get squeezed when prices don’t keep up with rising costs.”

The Pricing TPI Tool offers a fast track to pricing excellence, providing:

  • Limited pre-work: Dive right into the improvement process with minimal preparation.
  • Sustainable results: The Kaizen approach ensures long-term impact, fostering continuous improvement.
  • Actionable insights: Gain immediate, data-driven recommendations for optimizing your pricing model.

NLP is excited for the launch of this tool, because it will empower businesses to move beyond mere cost-covering and unlock true profit potential.


About NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC:

NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC is a business transformation consulting firm that empowers organizations to achieve sustainable profitable growth. By applying Lean principles originating in the Toyota Production System, NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC helps companies develop new, breakthrough, capabilities that redefine how value is delivered to customers.  Led by former executive-level Danaher professionals, their team of experienced Lean Practitioners provide customized solutions that optimize processes, enhance performance, and drive transformative change. To learn more, visit

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