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From fast to fine dining, our team of Practitioners has worked with every type of restaurant in the industry.

We have industry-leading experience applying Lean principles to restaurant and food service. Through our Practitioners’ Lean management expertise, we begin making dramatic improvements starting on Day 1.  

Our results show the level of employee satisfaction directly correlates to the level of consumer satisfaction. Finding the balance between the two requires analyzing front of the house and back of the house operations to discover the pain points of each of the operational processes. With our Lean management principles, we have been able to reorganize workflows to achieve improvements in food production and preparation, defective-to-servable product ratios, table turnaround times, employee satisfaction, and organization. In the past, we have improved table turnaround times and theoretical food costs by as much as 30%. 

In the restaurant and food service industry, gauging consumer satisfaction is inherently shorter than industrial processes. Providing an unforgettably positive experience for your patrons starts the minute they walk in the door. While servers and hostesses are out in front of customers, it takes synergized efforts between the back of house and front of house operations.

For the front-of-house operations, we analyze each stage of the service process including the time it takes to greet and seat a patron, order intake, food transportation, and delivery, service follow-ups, and table turnaround times. For the back-of-house operations, we gather empirical data surrounding areas of common Lean waste: food preparation, equipment and station cleaning, prioritization, actual and theoretical cost, and organization. Taking into account the efficiency of operations, we apply Lean principles to reduce waste, refine processes, and reinvigorate staff, which can ultimately lead to more money for both the establishment and service team. 

Within highly efficient service operations lies employee satisfaction. Improving your establishment’s procedures is contingent on the talent and their dedication to the craft. To improve morale and efficiency, we take input from all departments and use them to develop new processes that benefit employees and patrons. In turn, this input is integrated into a plan for your establishment moving forward that allows you to identify issues in the future and react appropriately to continuously improve.


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Improve Production, Reduce Ticket Times, Reduce Wait Times, Reduce Food Cost, and Improve the Customer Experience.

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