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We help companies serving the energy sector streamline operational processes so you can deliver dependably and efficiently. 

When it comes to manufacturing tools and equipment for the energy industry, there is little room for error. Companies supporting the traditional oil and gas industry or renewable energies like solar and wind require processes that deliver with high levels of uptime and performance. 

We evaluate your operations to assess what we call the ‘true north’ metrics: safety, quality, delivery, inventory, and productivity. Through value stream mapping techniques and statistical analysis, we examine all areas of your facility that affect these metrics. After identifying areas for improvement, our Practitioners use Kaizen to help you develop new mission-critical processes that fit your business requirements. 

In addition to creating standardized processes in raw material handling, manufacturing process steps, and inventory management, we also address issues in the working environment. Company culture, employee morale, and operator training are often areas that benefit from installing standard work. 

A new business model is only as good as the company’s working environment. For an employee to provide their best effort and performance, we deploy our Lean principles, devise a new training program and business procedure framework to improve culture and inspire employees to work more efficiently with refined problem-solving skills to optimize your plant’s production rates.

Finally, through a series of Kaizen events, we will assist you in creating a continued improvement playbook that allows your company to continue growing long after we have gone. Under our guidance and Lean procedural program, you will meet both short and long-term goals while exceeding your business expectations.


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