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Buccees Gemba

Growing up, my Dad seemed to always stop at Cracker Barrel restaurants during our road trips. Some of that rationale was the clean bathrooms, good food, and a gift shop. In recent years, I have found myself adjusting my road trip travel stops centered on Buc-ee’s, Ltd. (and judging by the masses of people, others too).


Buc-ee’s has built a brand based on ample restroom capacity (that is clean), ample parking and gas pumps, fresh food, and great variety or retail. It’s become a destination stop for travelers and other competitors seem to be struggling to keep up. They also post their wage rates on every gas pump, and they are indeed competitive (see photo).

From a leadership perspective, it’s a great case study of understanding a customer need (Voice of Customer – VOC) and innovating around it. Clean bathrooms, fresh and good food, and treating their employees with respect by paying them competitively creates an environment that customers respond to.

How are you innovating your business model? How are you treating your employees?

With lean, it’s all about respect for people and continuous improvement and Buc-ee’s has accomplished that with their stores.

Well done!

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