Is Your Visual Management Outdated?

Is your visual management outdated? Image of a street intersection with a stop sign and stop light

During one of my recent drives in Tennessee, I came across this interesting intersection and captured it for posterity. What would YOU do at this intersection (green light with a stop sign)? I’m not sure of the history of this intersection but would venture to guess the traffic lights were a new installation and the Stop sign was the old one.

How does this relate to lean? First, we need to be consistent and clear in our messaging – particularly in setting the “tone at the top” for what we are striving to accomplish. Second, we need to look around and identify inconsistencies or outdated visuals and get the clutter (waste) removed. Are you updating your visual management boards regularly? Are you updating your standard work? Old visual management that is outdated and not reflective of current state is just visual waste.

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