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We help medical device manufacturers control and improve processes to produce high-quality devices that improve the lives of patients.

Medical device manufacturing calls for unparalleled levels of consistency and reproducibility.

Variation reduction through applying Lean principles can help you manufacture devices and components with differentiated levels of quality. Lean also drives equipment utilization, boosting capacity without the need for capital expansion to meet growing demand.

Our role is to identify your organization’s goals, perform a root-cause analysis, and create innovative solutions to your objectives. After agreeing on a plan, we gather relevant data that encompasses all aspects of a medical device organization; from demand forecasting and supplier capabilities to production staging times and material sourcing.

Finally, we launch a plan of action that ensures inventory is kept at optimal levels through the streamlined procedures carried out by properly trained staff.

During our engagement, we jointly develop a prioritized set of KPI metrics that ensure the process improvements will be sustained over time.


Representative Results

Medical Device
Case Study

The Business Problem

A PE-owned, $480M Medical Device Contract Manufacturer with 17 different locations was faced with pressure to improve their on-time delivery and to reduce their lead times.

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