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We help producers of mission-critical components optimize processes to meet exacting specifications while lowering overall costs.

Suppliers in the aerospace and defense  industries such as power electronics, engine starters, guidance systems, and shipboard defense systems use Lean techniques to reduce waste in manufacturing processes. 

‌At NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC, we deploy Lean techniques to ensure not only the equipment adheres to stringent guidelines, but the process is meticulously efficient and tailored to the requirements of your company. Our track record has years of documented success stories where we have reduced product defects, rectified inventory imbalances, enhanced profits, and, most importantly, increased employee morale and productivity.

A typical engagement begins by measuring the status of your organization’s safety standards, product quality, service delivery, inventory management, and overall productivity. 

After‌ ‌identifying your company’s short and long-term objectives, we analyze your management style and how associates in all levels of the organization perceive their position. Employee feedback is crucial to the process as it allows us to tailor the Lean techniques specifically to what would best suit your company. When we know how current employees feel about the company, we can institute new training methods used to both retain staff and hire new, targeted talent. 

Next, we use value stream mapping techniques and gather hard data to examine how the rest of your facility operates. We monitor and analyze your work environment, company culture, inventory management, raw material handling, delivery, and product turnaround time. 

Armed with knowledge of all moving pieces within the company, we can begin instituting a new Lean-centric system geared towards increasing profits, cutting unwanted Lean waste, lowering cost spending, and improving the productivity of your team.

We leave you with a playbook of tools and processes that allow you to be self-sufficient in your Lean journey long after our engagement ends.


Representative Results

& Defense
Case Study

The Business Problem

A large manufacturer of aerospace engines and avionic systems was targeting a reduction in inventory levels and needed to create gains in productivity.

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