“Brian Maready from NLP recently spoke to our Global Leadership Team about the elements and principles, as well as the competitive advantage, of a robust Lean Business System. We’ve been engaged with NLP for the past year or so and the results they have helped us deliver are extraordinary.”

“…found the (Goal Deployment) process of bringing teams and related critical teams together very empowering. It was also amazing how quickly the action plans began to be referred to regularly in everyday parlance. The process of creating the plans was also a process of communication that was much more powerful than the normal process, which can omit people and detail…I have been amazed at how aggressively and positively the management teams have adopted this process.”

“We appreciate the valuable guidance and teaching provided by NLP. The results of the Mission Services project were significant, creating a much more productive staff that can spend more time on our mission-critical services for our clients. Our staff is delighted to have the additional time to spend interacting with clients instead of filling out forms.

“The NLP Practitioners brought world class training and facilitation to our transformation. They have a way of guiding the teams to breakthrough solutions without telling them the answers. They worked tirelessly, side by side with all levels of the organization, to help us achieve our strategic needs.

Thank you for the time and energy you invested in the Cache Creek team last week. I could not have been happier with the results of the VSM exercise. It truly felt like a weight had been lifted to watch our team identify problems AND solutions with both pride and ownership. The two of you make a great team and even more importantly, blended into our team seamlessly. I expected you to be knowledgeable practitioners but the way you read the room and gently guided us back on the path when necessary coupled with your understanding of casino/hospitality operations was truly impressive. We would love the opportunity to partner with both of you in the future. You helped us tap into something that is truly invaluable – the experience and potential of our team. I’m grateful and can’t wait for what comes next.

“…words just don’t do justice to how much we value our association with you and various members of the NLP team. Primarily your leadership, tenacity, knowledge, expertise, commitment, bed side manner and general willingness to get into the weeds with us, roll up your shirt sleeves and lead the way gave our team so much to work with.
My entire team is better for knowing and hanging with you!”

“We’ve had you lead us through several Lean events at this time, and we have always found your team to be a pleasure to work with. We have used the new processes increase our output dramatically. This transactional event was a bit of a change for us, and coupled with a few busy weeks prior to the event we did not prepare as much as we could have, but the event led to some great ideas that we’re looking forward to implementing. Please pass my compliments on to your team, who as usual did a great job keeping us on track.”

“…this search was a challenge, I especially want to thank you for your process discipline to only put high quality, on-target candidates in front of us. Your assessments of the candidates were always accurate, and every interview was a good use of the AWT team’s time…”

“On behalf of the 40+ Senco Brands associates we had in Strategy Deployment training earlier this month, I want to thank you again for your work and commitment to our two-day training on the fundamentals and use of this powerful tool. As I said in my closing comments, your deep understanding, passion and energy are clearly evident regarding this strategy execution tool. We have made the right choice in aligning with Next Level Partners. We look forward to delivering a breakthrough year for Senco Brands and training a global associate team on how to drive sustaining breakthrough performance going forward.”

“We engaged NLP in several areas of our machine build operations, focused on operational excellence. Of special note, NLP completed three VA/VE Kaizens that absolutely exceeded our expectations. The NLP event leader did an outstanding job to train the team, facilitate the process, drive the creative brainstorming, and ultimately help the teams to prioritize the best redesign concepts. In all three events, the teams achieved a planned 40%+ cost reduction with no end-customer feature degradation. Most importantly, the event served to inspire a cross-functional collaboration and a renewed focus on Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. The one-week Kaizen format worked well for the participants, and the focus on “teaching to fish” make the events even more cost effective.”

“We engaged Next Level Partners (NLP) to assist us with patient flow in our Emergency Department. The first week-long event that NLP facilitated resulted in significant improvements in length-of-stay times, a much more productive staff, and higher quality outcomes. Our goal is to turn our 900 employees into great problem solvers and critical thinkers that improve processes daily. Hospitals have become fragmented as various departments have become so specialized. Working with NLP has resulted in greater teamwork and appreciation of all team members’ contributions to our health system outcomes. The result is better patient care and service for our community.”

“We partnered with NLP a couple of years ago to help jump start the transformation of our aerospace operations. We produce very complex systems with numerous components and a challenging supply chain. NLP has been instrumental in establishing our highly effective materials replenishment system. In less than 2 years, we improved our on time delivery performance from 80% to 98%.”

“I wanted to take a minute and give you my personal review of the NLP Practitioner that worked primarily with us. Not only is he one of the best consultants I have ever worked with, but he is a great person as well. Everyone here at Microfixation hated to see him leave. We never would have moved as quickly as we did if he had not jump-started us. Furthermore, we were about to make a fundamental mistake that would have caused a huge slow down here. Thank goodness, he helped us see our mistake in a motivating and constructive way. Thanks to him, we are about to make history again and it would not have been nearly as high impact if he had not re-directed us; we are going to complete two Value Stream cells in August that will have < 2 day Lead Times! This is so huge. What I really appreciate about his style is that he is always teaching, but in a very subtle way, such that people do not even realize it. That is real talent. His breadth of knowledge makes him invaluable in this role. I have already recommended him and your organization to different businesses in the Jacksonville area. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to learn and grow with your representatives. Good luck in your future and please make sure he is recognized for his worth to us here at Biomet Microfixation.”

“We were very happy with NLP’s process. The design we came out of this week with was out-of-the-box thinking and better than any of the ideas we had going into this session. We feel this will be a very robust design eliminating most of our downtime.”

“Our new leader has been on board for a few weeks now and things are off to a good start. I appreciate your efforts to support us and thought Tom did a nice job on the search. We are very pleased with the direction we are going – you definitely identified the type of person we were looking for. I am most happy that we selected NLP for the project.”

“I believe the event was a big hit at Blue Grass. Your team did an excellent job! At the final wrap-up, one of the painters told the Deputy that “the Depot should do this on all projects.” This from a guy who didn’t want to be there on Monday. What a testament to the power of the event! …created an environment for openness among the participants that included supervisors, engineers, operators, and process improvement staff. The outcome was more than a plan; it was a unified team embracing the process and the plan.”

“I got to see several report outs at our recent Ops meeting. I could not be more pleased on the progress. We have a very engaged group on our hands! Your impact in Engineering continues to be felt and the “war room” is up and running. I’ve heard nothing but positives about the NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC professionals in our facilities…except I understand your team makes me look like a walk in the park in terms of push! I’m glad to hear that there has been a quickened pace and accountability.”

“The kaizen met all expectations – your team are exceptional facilitators with the ability to keep things on track while allowing the team to figure out the solutions. I have learned a great deal about the Lean process and how it works from my work with Next Level Partners. I am a huge believer in Lean and Next Level Partners.”

“We had people with lean experience on our team, but realized we needed real expert help. We decided to use Next Level based on their industry experience and their past results. We couldn’t be more pleased with the value they provided.”

“The guidance of Next Level Partners has been invaluable to GBMC HealthCare. We have transformed the way we do our business. We were recently awarded the annual patient safety award from the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management for our use of Lean and the Daily Management process that we learned from our partnership with NLP.”

In addition to helping us meet, and often exceed, our objectives, NLP created a repeatable, methodical approach to how we analyze and improve our processes. The expert NLP Practitioners were great at promoting teamwork and ensuring ownership of the changes we made. We now have an energized workforce and a culture of continuous improvement. The ROI we received by engaging with NLP was huge. We realized almost $1M in savings in just 8 months of partnering with NLP. I highly recommend them.

“NLP is a great partner and a big part of our success. In less than a year Next Level has assisted us in creating predictable operating processes and systems that have proven our business model in this nascent industry. Through the coaching and guidance of NLP, we’ve significantly increased our labor productivity, which has allowed us to avoid hiring new employees as we’ve doubled in volume. We’ve increased our space and equipment utilization, which has prevented the need to spend precious capital on a bigger building and more equipment. Perhaps most evident is the fact that we now have a building full of problem-solvers instead of team members waiting for someone else to give them solutions. We would not be enjoying the success we have today without the partnership with NLP.”

“The quality of service and the integrity that NLP has demonstrated has exceeded our expectations. We started our journey with a large, international consulting company that wasn’t a good fit for us. They didn’t give us the customized and personal experience that we required. The NLP Practitioners that have worked in our distribution centers, stores and corporate offices have been great to work with. They are personable, humble and even-tempered. But they also know when to push us and challenge us in a productive and honest way. In addition to the business processes that they have helped us transform, Next Level Partners has provided us with the internal skills and discipline that have allowed us to continue driving significant improvements on our own. We have definitely received a return on our investment.”

“We hired Next Level Partners after a false start with another consulting company. NLP was more hands-on and practical in their approach. When a Practitioner was on-site, we got a lot done in a short period of time with amazing results. They have a unique ability to work well at all levels of the organization, even with the Engineers! I highly recommend them.”

Our choice to work with Next Level Partners followed an assessment of several companies active in the Lean deployment space. NLP distinguished themselves as being willing to listen, learn and understand before tailoring their approach to our situation. The initial pilot proved to be a strong success with quantifiable breakthroughs in plant reliability, product quality and employee engagement achieved in a short period. We have since rolled out their tools and process to a lighthouse project plant in each region, with the confidence that the muscle of Kaizen, Daily Management and Standard Work is improving the network performance from the shop floor upwards.

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