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We help logistics companies and distributors become more profitable by making your processes more efficient.

Processes in distribution and logistics, including receiving goods, physically and digitally accounting for stored inventory, and picking, packing and shipping can be improved with Lean tools. Improving these processes reduces waste and rework, expanding your margins, and making the entire process more profitable. 

Warehouse operations often benefit from the improved communication and customer-centric culture that results from improved processes. We deploy Lean tools to bridge any communication gaps across departments. With years of first-hand experience, our Practitioners develop processes that build long-standing relationships between staff and supervisors while raising site performance. 

We know that your staff is critical to your success. We design our process improvements with the goal of ensuring your company hires, on-boards, and trains staff with minimal turnover. We speak with staff at all levels to gauge how they feel regarding the current situation and what changes can be made to increase employee satisfaction. By improving company policies and revamping internal processes, it is not only easier to retain staff, but also to attract potential talent.

We finish our engagement by devising a playbook that will allow your organization to grow and evolve independent of our services. Our goal is to give you the Lean tools to evolve your organization long after our engagement is complete. 


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Case Study

The Business Problem

$500M Distribution Company, Faced With Extensive Backlog at the Beginning of “Busy Season”. Volume Expected to Increase 6X.

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