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We partner with healthcare facilities to improve patent experiences through process improvement. 

We have experience in Lean transformation of hospitals and specialty clinics including veterinary, eye and dental, and fertility clinics.

By executing Lean management training, staff can function at an optimal level that eliminates wasted efforts and steps in the care process, from administrative to direct patient interactions. Increased productivity generates the heightened staff engagement crucial to improved financial stability and general patient care.

Our solutions are designed to identify areas within a healthcare organization needing refined processes without the need for capital expenditures. Our experienced providers analyze strengths and weaknesses to implement innovative solutions both externally and internally. External measures involve improving timeliness and quality of care for patients while internal refer to staff efficiency and operational cost. 

Through collaboration with healthcare staff, we create a plan that transfers necessary knowledge to increase short-term and long-term operations. In addition, we leave your team with tools to recognize and repair procedural issues to ensure continuous improvement moving forward. 


Representative Results

Case Study

The Business Problem

Hospital System Experiencing Lost Revenue and High Labor Costs Compounded by Low Performance to Industry Metrics.

What Our Clients Say


Tony Young

“We engaged Next Level Partners (NLP) to assist us with patient flow in our Emergency Department. The first week-long event that NLP ...
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Scott Leighty

“Our new leader has been on board for a few weeks now and things are off to a good start. I appreciate ...
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Michael Bronfein

“NLP is a great partner and a big part of our success. In less than a year Next Level has assisted us ...
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