The power of NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC is our people and our experience.

Our leadership team has decades of collective expertise driving superior shareholder value creation. Our Practitioner team is unmatched in real-world experience and success implementing Lean, Toyota Production System and Six Sigma methods enterprise-wide. Read a little about us and find out how we can connect with you to help your organization.

Our Leadership Team

Bill Butler profile picture with light blue dress shirt and dark suit jacket

Bill Butler

Founding Principal

Bill is a founding principal of NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC. He founded the firm with the vision to leverage his more than 30 years of successful leadership experience into Lean transformation client offerings that take organizations to the next level of business performance. Prior to founding…

Don Dreher profile picture with white dress shirt and dark suit jacket

Don Dreher

Founding Principal

Don is a founding principal of NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC. He founded the firm with the vision to leverage his more than 30 years as an exceptional leader of Lean enterprises and top practitioner of Lean Business System implementations to help clients consistently deliver outstanding…

Dennis Longo profile picture with striped dress shirt and dark suit jacket

Dennis Longo

Founding Principal

Dennis is a founding principal of NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC. He founded the firm with the vision to leverage his more than 30 years of human capital experience to help clients build winning, high-performance teams that deliver outstanding results. Prior to founding Next Level Partners®,…

Ronica Bowen Profile Picture wearing white turtleneck and dark suit jacket

Ronica Bowen


Ronica is an accomplished Lean operations executive with a strong track record of transforming organizations through the implementation of comprehensive Lean Business Systems. As an experienced business leader, Lean Transformation architect, and Lean TPS sensei, she is…

Darlene Kober profile picture with floral dress shirt and dark suit jacket

Darlene Kober


Darlene is a commercial leader with more than 25 years of experience accelerating profitable growth in high-performance, high-expectation organizations. She has developed and executed several advanced Commercial Excellence/Growth Tools as both a…

Andy Lee with white suit shirt and dark suit jacket

Andy Lee


Andy is a recognized pioneer and leader of Lean implementation in a broad range of geographies and industries with deep expertise in the hospitality and entertainment industry. As a former Danaher Business System (“DBS”) Director at Danaher Corporation, Andy had…

Eric Lussier profile picture with striped dress shirt and suit jacket

Eric Lussier


Eric is a hands-on student and practitioner of Lean with a passion for building problem-solving cultures built on the pillars of continuous improvement and respect for people. Originally trained by a Japanese sensei as an engineering co-op student, he has over 25 years of experience…

Brian Maready profile picture with blue dress shirt and dark suit jacket

Brian Maready


Brian brings a unique leadership background in Lean healthcare and manufacturing with over 25 years of expertise in engineering, operations, and marketing. Specializing in supporting complete business transformations, he ensures companies become…

Will Benningfield profile picture in white suit shirt and dark jacket

Will Bedingfield

Vice President

Will has more than 20 years of experience implementing Lean principles and strategies in both the service and manufacturing industries. He is a hands-on leader-of-change with an enviable track record of coaching and mentoring teams through transformational Lean journeys…

Skip Gallo profile picture in lined dress shirt and dark suit jacket

Skip Gallo

Vice President

Skip is a broadly skilled sales, marketing, and operating executive with more than 30 years serving the industrial marketplace. He is passionate about helping clients achieve breakthrough growth and profit improvement using Lean transformation techniques. Before joining NEXT LEVEL

Jim Kenyon profile picture wearing a striped dress shirt and suit coat

Jim Kenyon

Vice President

Jim is a human resource executive with 30 years of experience identifying A-player talent in private equity-backed and Fortune 500 companies. Before joining, NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC, Jim founded Better Talent Faster, a human capital and executive search firm. He is also HR…

Our Practitioners

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