Strategic Planning Season!

Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Strategy Deployment graph

It’s strategic planning season! Many firms begin Q4 with their strategic planning well underway.

But what is your level of confidence that these strategic plans will be successfully implemented to bring results in 2023? Many firms do not get the traction and sustained focus needed for quick results.

Strategy Deployment (also known as Hoshin Kanri or Policy Deployment) is a powerful tool that brings the strategic plan to life. It aligns the resources of the organization on the most impactful strategic initiatives. It ensures that progress is made towards these strategic goals month-by-month. It improves communication at all levels of the firm.

NLP previously worked with a manufacturer who installed Strategy Deployment ahead of an expected exit by the private equity firm. This firm grew revenues by 15% (5 x market growth) and grew EBITDA by 30% before a successful transaction. They realized a 15X return on their investment in NLP.

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