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We help you accelerate EBITDA growth and value creation across the investment and company lifecycle.

We have a track record of generating outsized results in private equity-owned firms. Pre-acquisition, we can help you in the due diligence phase to evaluate the potential of the company and its current operational effectiveness. We will provide you with a monetized improvement roadmap that sets the company up for accelerated EBITDA growth.

Unlike what can be found in a data room, we visit your target company and compare to what we know is possible, not to some industry standards. This hands-on approach complements your data room analysis with the viewpoints of experienced operators who have built value through their years of integration experience. This gives you a competitive advantage in the purchasing process and confidence that you can achieve a value creation plan. 

If you engage with us post-acquisition, we will install a management system in your portfolio companies that emphasizes accountability, discipline, focus, rigor, and transparency, which in turn helps you improve processes quickly and deliver results.

We will work with the management team to identify the right blend of Growth tools and Lean tools that create efficient, scalable, and sustainable commercial and operational processes.

We often assist in improving specific targeted areas such as manufacturing footprint or supply chain if your diligence points to opportunities in selected areas. By working with your teams, we can help your portfolio companies better adhere to customer demand, forecast market changes, reform inventory levels, refine order management systems.

Lastly, we can help you evaluate talent. Having worked for world-class organizations, we “know what good looks like”. Our talent practice can help you fill gaps in capabilities as your build your portfolio company’s leadership to take the firm to the next level of performance.

By combining your financial expertise with our execution prowess, we will engineer a Lean-centric plan to ensure immediate and future success for your portfolio company.


Representative Results

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Case Study

The Business Problem

A PE-owned, $480M Medical Device Contract Manufacturer with 17 different locations was faced with pressure to improve their on-time delivery and to reduce their lead times.

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