Stephanie Allison

“I wanted to take a minute and give you my personal review of the NLP Practitioner that worked primarily with us. Not only is he one of the best consultants I have ever worked with, but he is a great person as well. Everyone here at Microfixation hated to see him leave. We never would have moved as quickly as we did if he had not jump-started us. Furthermore, we were about to make a fundamental mistake that would have caused a huge slow down here. Thank goodness, he helped us see our mistake in a motivating and constructive way. Thanks to him, we are about to make history again and it would not have been nearly as high impact if he had not re-directed us; we are going to complete two Value Stream cells in August that will have < 2 day Lead Times! This is so huge. What I really appreciate about his style is that he is always teaching, but in a very subtle way, such that people do not even realize it. That is real talent. His breadth of knowledge makes him invaluable in this role. I have already recommended him and your organization to different businesses in the Jacksonville area. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to learn and grow with your representatives. Good luck in your future and please make sure he is recognized for his worth to us here at Biomet Microfixation.”

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