Lean Lessons from the Farm

Lean Lessons from the Farm. Carton of eggs that are all diferent colors

Living on my self-described “Gentleman’s Farm,” we have an abundance of eggs as well as quite the variety. While there is a lot to be said about overproduction (at times) as well as scarcity (in winter months), my wife sent me this picture which captures the diversity of eggs our hens produce. In reflecting on it, this reminded me greatly about the basic principles of 5S – particularly when we give a carton of eggs away to friends.

Sorting – When we give away eggs, we sort through them to remove any visible defects
Set In Order – We tend to organize the eggs by color to illustrate variety and natural beauty
Shine – The eggs are washed before we put them in the container to remove the bloom
Standardize – We pack them in standard cartons of 12 each
Sustain – We are always working on Sustain to keep up production, healthy chickens, and diversity in color.

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