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Achieving sustained performance improvement against multi-year, breakthrough strategic objectives.

Many business strategies fail to realize their full potential because they are not executed effectively. Companies typically deliver less than two-thirds of the performance potential identified in the strategic plan.

This Strategy-to-Performance Gap is caused by inadequate resourcing, ineffective communication of the strategy, poorly defined accountability, and limited performance monitoring.

Strategy execution through a Strategy Deployment Process (SDP) creates the mechanism for achieving the full strategic value-creation plan. Also known as Hoshin Kanri or Policy Deployment,  SDP is a proven leadership and management process used in high expectation cultures as the primary vehicle to execute strategy and achieve sustained performance improvement against strategic breakthrough objectives. 

SDP brings:
• Focus
• Alignment
• Discipline
• Rigor
• Accountability

These are critical to any organization that is looking to achieve execution excellence. It is the most powerful tool available for creating the systematic breakthrough change that drives value creation in a company.

SDP is used in high-expectation cultures to construct sustainable, profitable growth. With the creation of stretch goals focusing on new process development, previously established performance targets are consistently achieved. Progress toward strategic goals is measured using specific metrics. Clear accountability is established through a rigorous, disciplined approach. Monthly pulsing ensures the team stays on track.

By getting strategic plans “off the shelf” and integrated into monthly deliverables, the team stays focused on the most important, critical-few, breakthrough initiatives.

Organizations that have installed Strategy Deployment achieve breakthrough performance in EBITDA growth, revenue achievement, operational efficiency, and customer service levels.

Case Studies Related to Strategy Execution

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