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As practitioners of Lean principles, we help our clients achieve their value creation and operational plans while meeting and exceeding their performance expectations.

What We Do

We help you develop new breakthrough capabilities that deliver extraordinary customer value.

NEXT LEVEL Partners,® LLC is much more than a consulting firm. We are your partner in creating a sustainable, competitive advantage in revenue growth, profitability, and cash flow.

Founded in 2003 by the original architects of the Danaher Business System (DBS), NEXT LEVEL Partners’ proven methods creates new breakthrough capabilities and sustains the implementation through knowledge transfer and change management.

If you are facing an operating performance challenge, struggling to improve profitability, losing market share, or looking to widen your position as an industry leader, NEXT LEVEL Partners can help.


Sales Enablement for Growth

Did you know that a B2B sales professional on average only spends about 30% of his or her time …

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Case Study

Healthcare cover. Male looking over female with stethoscope around her neck background with green overlay.

CASE STUDY: Healthcare

Not-for-profit system of hospitals and healthcare providers with $3.59B in net revenue, experiencing lost revenue and high labor costs …

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What Our Clients Say

“We engaged NLP in several areas of our machine build operations, focused on operational excellence. Of special note, NLP completed three VA/VE Kaizens that absolutely exceeded our expectations. The NLP event leader did an outstanding job to train the team, facilitate the process, drive the creative brainstorming, and ultimately help the teams to prioritize the best redesign concepts. In all three events, the teams achieved a planned 40%+ cost reduction with no end-customer feature degradation. Most importantly, the event served to inspire a cross-functional collaboration and a renewed focus on Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. The one-week Kaizen format worked well for the participants, and the focus on “teaching to fish” make the events even more cost effective.”

“We partnered with NLP a couple of years ago to help jump start the transformation of our aerospace operations. We produce very complex systems with numerous components and a challenging supply chain. NLP has been instrumental in establishing our highly effective materials replenishment system. In less than 2 years, we improved our on time delivery performance from 80% to 98%.”

“We engaged Next Level Partners (NLP) to assist us with patient flow in our Emergency Department. The first week-long event that NLP facilitated resulted in significant improvements in length-of-stay times, a much more productive staff, and higher quality outcomes. Our goal is to turn our 900 employees into great problem solvers and critical thinkers that improve processes daily. Hospitals have become fragmented as various departments have become so specialized. Working with NLP has resulted in greater teamwork and appreciation of all team members’ contributions to our health system outcomes. The result is better patient care and service for our community.”

Our choice to work with Next Level Partners followed an assessment of several companies active in the Lean deployment space. NLP distinguished themselves as being willing to listen, learn and understand before tailoring their approach to our situation. The initial pilot proved to be a strong success with quantifiable breakthroughs in plant reliability, product quality and employee engagement achieved in a short period. We have since rolled out their tools and process to a lighthouse project plant in each region, with the confidence that the muscle of Kaizen, Daily Management and Standard Work is improving the network performance from the shop floor upwards.

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